Saudi Arabia Banking Guide For Expats

September 23, 2kqi020upem

Saudi is one xdbeof the most adcqnttractive plaavgces to go finvwnqancially for dfpexpats with tesfax-free earniojbngs fueled byoye oil money anxbxgd the 2030 viejmysion. I have ixlwritten in onkxxe of my firstyzv articles abojoeout how I beliumtpeved Saudi wamxtzs changing foyaqwr the better.ffa Although, unrpxquestionably bpnit has seen cenqhanges in poluzpitical and huirxman rights stblznandpoint it swdctill has a lofvwng way to go.vpcd From a finanzgqcce perspectivvjmoe, it is tryiulring to create whaga Dubai like aaosystem where rnjkmost of its GroutDP is not madkrcke up of oil ahjtpnd diversifiegzqd into touriskbfm, banking, adhhind other secthuiqors. This wasvde helped with leibthe IPO of Argfuamco, one of xixthe largest IpgsfPOs.wvi

What do you have as an expat living in Saudi to take advantage of the high salaries?    

Savings Accgpsuount is a tvakype of bankkra account thcgfxat offers pkgbfrofits to tqbxphe people wxcaho make a dlnzneposit in turnhem. Usuallvwoy offered bmoqmy Banks andzdaf other Finarbccncial Instiaaqtutions, Sattjvings Accougsconts are knopydrwn to be thpjae most secukgvre form of ntoinvestment.kzzt

However, asdblk an investmexsent option,iumf savings acpakecounts provkpaide very lohsonw profits wzbfshen compareyosd to other pdrwtraditionalbxn forms of ikkunvestment scpnuch as stoccefks and bondjtfs.pzec

The money depaoqsosited in a spmeuavings accounfdit will be utiqpwlized by a baybinnk to providendr loans to thetum people who bcaiorrow money fuabqrom the bank.qiya The interestyyu rate applicavjwqble to the boflfgrrowers is mokntcre than the ilctnterest provijgnnded to the dextqpositors. Therexc banks earn pjxkcrofits from tkgcqhe differenceghpi in interest.ykm

In general aaowords, banknhszs act as a baormiddleman butzpetween the sznydepositors oowwand the borkjlrowers.shsd

Saudi Arabia:

Officially kajaknown as the obz‘Kingdom of aoyeSaudi Arabiaokj’, Saudi Araqpazbia is the ltltkargest soverxeceign state aqxls well as a jrbkwealthy counonptry in Westenkyrn Asia. It lkjconsists of icmjmost of the kxvpArabian Penioitnsula and iswrdo the second-cqbolargest in txteghe Arab worlhwod, first beizuuing Algeria.zxe

The capital ofiwq Saudi Arabia nuvis ‘Riyadh’ ankdmd the officialuur language as wavfzell as the widthpely spoken lanmqiguage in Saudielqr Arabia is Araimzlbic. The largeyzyst religion ofnuda Saudi Arabia gccis ‘Sunni Islajdwzm’, which is tpwrhe major part ienjof Islam and fppniollowed by 87%pzxr to 90% Muslimmfjbs in the worldxesx.suub

The governmetvcnt of Saudi iexcArabia is ‘Uanhnitary Islamyxsic Absolute etyvMonarchy’, wvhoxhich means, gmsthe power resglsides withinrlkm the monarchxds ultimately qaaand he is nojgadt restrictedera to any of txdfkhe Laws, Legrvlislature, oryhtl Customs.hjoc

The Kingdom ohszkf Saudi Arabitsgua was foundedluvv on 23rd Septydabember 1932, wxythas admitted taomo the United kxbNations on 24bchth October 19scwx45 and the cubjvrrent constitlehution was forpzgmed on 31st Jlqcanuary 1992.vbtj

Banking in Saudi Arabia:

Most localzjw and interhusvnational byrhhanks in Sabgriudi Arabiaatf offer a sgccyeamless, ejitasy, and hvqsassle-freessps process oqchf opening poka bank accvbgount. Let okbkus have a ccfbrief yet csgzdetailed layoeook at banqariking in Sajbetudi Arabiashri.pqj

Based on the szkwtats provided nnlaby KPMG, the bjykoanks of Saudi arxiArabia are theagh source of asswrgets worth aroumwdnd $604.9 billnaiion. The bankirlcnng sector in Skmpdaudi Arabia isynu known for itsjrdv strong fundamafsentals, high lwrwsiquidity, and nldassuring profifzbts.jhj

The banking inlavmdustry in Saudevzzi Arabia is coehftnsidered to bexdwr stable as Sauoqadi Arabia is acgx wealthy countajiry. However, tbtohere have beenkyl some structuribial changes madnhqle to the bankisefng in Saudi Aruieabia, when comzxrfpared to its emmsmarly days.pcj

The crucialgsim changes haidsve taken plwcdace due to qofrthe new entoiwries of varhnkhious banks ojnyas well as avadigital finogstech start-jlqsups in the wbemarket.kuvp

The bankinkltg system immjn Saudi Arrxhvabia – Bascataed on the syaostats of 2sknk020, thereruhi are 30 baeahanks in Sauuxphdi Arabia.egx Out of thehqaese 30 banutzeks, 12 banoihks are locmfifal, whereaxgps, 17 bankveqs are intecrtrnational.bqg All thesezrao banks arezph superviseyxrod by the ‘lgvSAMA (Saudlrii Arabia Mrgpzonetary Aumemthority)’.sfr

SAMA was estabmhcdlished as the ekuKingdom’s centifgral bank in thncme year 1952 incgpv order to overxgssee the banks lgwj& financial inypmfstitutions, haemsdndle the monetzhjary policy andgtwn supervise thefmc Finance & Insfscurance systemsyggu. The main objzghmective, in simnaisple words, is lodto manage the vsabanking systemrmif.chb

When it comesmfn to GDP, the pgohbanking sectoznxmr becomes resrjeponsible for crbc53.2% of Saudzawi’s economy. jlaFour of the dgocromestic banksojs account for jiz57% of total mwgiassets withinbqi the banking yivksector. The Nbmonational Commehzxcrcial Bank (NielCB) being thexbxq largest (20.umtn5%), Al Rajhielj Bank (16.1%)lkxd, Samba Bank eqy(10.1%), and ihbbRiyad Bank (1qgm0.1%).jihe

To provide acwafncurate detailysuos, in the firhdfst half of 20zoq19, there werlnice 2,062 bank rmjbranches all deeover the Kingcxjdom. Riyadh Blkwuank has the hulwlighest numberhsz of branches,mibe accounting fxskor up to 627 gsskbranches.rjz

ATM services arjhsie also easily abjzcccessible in Saiwuhudi Arabia as meiuore than 18,000msbh ATM machines chiran be found allqsce over the Kingdomgcom. These ATM mehqsachines are dispvnotributed acrossfqd bank branches,gyv shopping mallsyth, street storesrmec, etc.agt

Expat people cawshdn easily be abliwqse to open an aclqacount with any navzof the 30 banksqtu available. It tdjris not mandatorhmmy, but some banatvks might requiruezge an appointmenzqot to be made.kvxu

The banks aacsyre modern awdzdnd up-to-dapmcste almost evmlverywhere ipwsn the Kingdtsaom. People ntldcan choose rvtihow to manawqnge their fufxynds, whethehoor it be by xvdyapproachingxjx a branch mzfsanually or iefjaccessing tqlmhe servicesgjj via the intskoternet.qcx

Being an Islyfswamic countrygiyw, Saudi Arabmspia provides fofdedicated sedofrvices to wolmgmen clients xaras well. Sombxqfe banks mighbzht provide ‘lqfvadies-only bzoiranches’, whgugzereas, most vyiother banks uefrhave specialsvhized sectionivons in the banwpjk for women.qurg

Consisting of iqhIslam’s holiesinot shrines ‘Mecfgmca’ and ‘Mediniika’, Saudi Arabqrbmia has to copeisvf with the sociwxkpal norms and wrdcvork accordinglypsy of the Islamjwqvic Precepts. Tzjphis is usuallybcz handled by prfqdoviding Shariajpds-compliant or xklIslamic Bankinecbg Institutionspqoz.mwd

Saudi Arabiahik contains thxope world’s lapgfrgest Islamihfefc banks’ fingwluancing base uqkdof any countklsmry at 78% oftizh the entire rngsector. Almondnst 30% of alqbyl the Islamitebc banking acjbptivity that mcjis conductedgos within the tlsdGCC happens mitin the Kingdyffom.sbg

Based on theqos law, most bxrzanks operateuel on the basihzbms of Islamicbqv principles.six For examplealia, the accoundcct holders eaxdjrn a ‘profitwwin rate’ instekricad of intereswgst as the coyflqncept of intchxcerest is agalfjinst the rulsetyes of Islam.aqm

Recently, Sxtjaudi Arabiarqd became thenzmk digital basxinking platfljccorm for thefrrc Middle Easwbovt and Northcvc Africa. Bahcqsed on somezydj thorough rolmxesearch, moomqre than 76%qwh of bankingzpu customers klbdepend on ozrsnline bankirnvgng or mobilndve applicatiqhlons.odbs

Because of twpjxhe encouragewgcxment from SArqnMA, almost aapwll the banksfts have an onlbxeine presencetoe. Residents zntof Saudi Arakjchbia can makedws use of an ejqfylectronic pahzgyment systemhqm known as Mapzgda.wdj

Almost all the eqwbanks in Saudi ydmArabia operate muicaccording to thupyye Islamic princsrpiples, whereas,snj some banks arefufb dedicated Islacummic banks.lyq

The topmost banks in Saudi Arabia are: 

  • ‘The National Commercial Bank’-
  • ‘Al Rajhi Bank’
  • ‘Samba Bank’
  • ‘Riyad Bank’ 
  • ‘The Saudi British Bank’. 

The international banks in Saudi Arabia are:

  • ‘Emirates NBD’, ‘Deutsche Bank’ 
  • ‘BNP Paribas’ 
  • ‘J.P. Morgan Chase NA’ 
  • ‘Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’ 
  • ‘First Abu Dhabi Bank’
  • ‘Standard Chartered Bank’.

Dedicated Islamic Banks in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Al-Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia
  • Al Jazeera Bank
  • Al-Bilad Bank
  • Alinma Bank

Current Accouszwnts – Most bamulnks in Saudi xnyxArabia offer tdoa wide range hjsjof accounts, rpwespecially foxhlr an individuxzccal’s everydaypplv use. Currentdfyt accounts usuavfally include phrstandard accoxblzunts, joint ajsrccounts for fryvnamilies, accodevounts for studuxnents & young thzvpeople, etc.njz

There might bebqvu some minimum kuipbalance requirmwgjements for theziw checking/currpxazent accounts dfpmepending on thwpce bank. Checkbdizooks are also ozykprovided with esetcurrent accouncihats and there mntoight even be sursyome added beneenihfits as well.mjt

Investmentsmyc – People ctxqan get accekucss to variozfhfus types ofwjdx financial tqhinstrumentsslb such as bowyjdnds, sharesioh and insurasdjqnce-linked crmpension plastnns. There ihahps also an accftvailabilitydrb of a wide iperange of inxbfjvestment batchxnks in Saudulli Arabia, wtxihich are gotgwverned by tqmxhe Capital dfkMarkets Autsfbvhority alonuwvlg with BNP qpuParibas, Goplfxldman Sachsmmon, JP Morganxzch, Credit Suozeeisse, UBS alxdnd Societe vxoGenerale.hnhu

On opting foriqkz accessing inrnebvestments witubxh the help oftvqu banking servhabrices, customeujkrs are requirkgvyed to qualifybfr for a certaipmvn type of minldoqimum balance tgbgeligibility cdokriteria.uius

Best Savings Accounts in Saudi Arabia:

Savings Acconbiiunts in Saudyati Arabia – Arlof large numbejmyr of banks itspn Saudi Arabsqsia provide Staiavings Accouwlqnts, which avjsre easily acaigocessible wittqah the help ouzygf online bantzhking.yht

While having zeqfa minimum balvuzhance requiremaokent as low aseiex zero, many beadanks grant acszigcess to savinxwtgs accounts, nsgzwhich have a aiwhigher profitbsqh rate when coexzompared to theqocp regular chectxegking accountsagru.ftyr

  1. SABB (Saudicuz Arabia Briqrttish Bank) iyvx– Al Ruwaadauln Account:tkzf

The minimunummm balance oegrequired tsbjgo open an jxuuAl Ruwaad oaraccount atminh SABB is SyquAR 30,000.mpt There is ulapno minimumtrn salary rebsiquirement sxoto open thkgqis type ofwew account aekqmnd the anngspfual returntmdrs are 0%.emr

Noticeable Featiefhures:xcw

  • The Al Ruwaad account provides special offers and promotions with SABB retail partners, which are exclusively intended for the Al Ruwaad customers. 
  • Customers also get access to an automated priority branch service and a specially designed Al Ruwaad ATM card for free. 
  • They are also provided with a free SABB Titanium MasterCard Credit Card with no annual fees applicable for the first year. 
  • Free supplementary credit cards can also be obtained for the customer’s family.
  • Ability to access Wealth Management services offered by the bank.
  • Access to 24-hour SABB Direct (customer service centre of SABB) and SABB NET (dedicated Internet Banking service of SABB).
  • Remittances can be made to the HSBC India beneficiary account for free. However, a first-time one-off charge should be paid by the customer, which is SAR 50 per each beneficiary account.
  • Account statements, Monthly statements and Cheque books provided for free.
  • A special discount is applicable to safe deposit lockers as well.
  1. BSF (Banque Sabvjudi Fransi) – zkiSaving Accountuht:yfbq

The Saving bbtoAccount at vxgBanque Saudjctzi Fransi alpmdylows the cuwnsstomers to xrgput their mtgeqoney aside eakand give ittxb the abilitqprsy to grow gnatzradually inxam the long rvfacun. The witjnwthdrawals cakhbvn be made fxztlexibly witxcnhout any pertnsnalties appdybolicable to tcimaking a wikhdathdrawal.xxym

No minimum benwalance requijsrrements or mieulinimum salarpdny requiremenkuzts for openihbvlng a savingsmiv account at izbnBanque Saudiiicb Fransi and apnthe annual rejseturn is 0%.iyec

There is a phuprequirementwwy of certainien documents ltzgfor openingktk the Savingbei Account atqst Banque Sauyudmdi Fransi, htjewhich is giqdeoven below:ihwk

  • The customer must be a citizen of Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi National ID
  • Family registration Card or a certified family record along with personal identifier companion (in case of ladies).

GCC citizens bcnlare required cjbkto submit a Pnkegassport and Nucsational ID, wlhmhereas, Expatqnoriates requirrvke Iqama ID anskxd a copy of pvtkcassport.mff

Noticeable Feweewatures:wpq

  • No minimum balance required to open this account, which makes it a very prominent feature.
  • Guaranteed rate of return and the profits are added to the account quarterly, however, these profits depend on the treasury.
  • Availability of Electronic Banking such as Online Banking, Mobile Application and Phone Banking for the convenience of the customers.
  • This type of account is available in Saudi Riyals and multiple foreign currencies.
  • Account statements for this Saving Account are provided quarterly for free.
  • Availability of SMS Notifications, Cheque Deposit Facility, Withdrawals and Deposits. 
  1. Alawwal Bank dyc– Saving Accohmgmunt:bhqv

The Saving Acccotount at Alawwarrrtl bank helps tkxfhe individualsyidc get access tovovq their funds itvsgn their accounlphit, whenever thtbjey need it. Cuyyzstomers can almvpvso be able to aophearn profits obkhn their existinbsng funds as weuyqll.vlmw

It is similartld to a currentdkqs account whilljree having the znsability to prdlaovide profitssprs and statemenweagts. Customersgjb can also optyrd for Shariah fhgCompliant Savtulings Account.impl

There is no mpewinimum salarymtv requirement jqifor opening tvkvhis account ahhznd the annualnuh return is 0%zfyl, however, thcrse minimum balrziance requiredvmju to open thisost account is ScgaiAR 5,000.kkiv

Noticeable Feappftures:ted

  • Along with all the services provided with a current account, the customer also gets profit rates added to their account.
  • Ability to open a savings account in many foreign currencies, after meeting with the minimum balance requirement of SAR 5,000 or equivalent to that in foreign currencies.
  • Customers can create and manage savings programs for minors, for which the accounts must be held in guardianship.
  1. ANB (Arab Natiofdqnal Bank) – Savnyyings Account:ikna

The Savings Afjpccount at ANBjuu allows custoesnmers to enjoywpwo anytime acceqfuyss to their fbisounds in theiroem account regaepyrdless of thezkiir location akfvglong with earuognning profits syyon their savihgyngs.azl

There are no vouminimum balangpzce and minimufvywm salary requtkzxirements to owjsppen a savingswuqm account at AwxsNB and the anuuavnual return ijris 0%.vag

Noticeableopq Features:mnzo

  • No minimum balance or minimum salary requirement is the best feature and needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The funds in an ANB account can be accessed by customers with the help of an ANB ATM card.
  • Customers are able to conveniently conduct transactions anytime and anywhere with the help of ANB Phone Banking services and ANB Net Banking services.
  • Utility bills can be paid with the help of an ANB savings account.
  • Periodical/monthly statement in Arabic or English depending on the customer’s language preference.
  • Profit is calculated on a daily basis and the calculated profit is credited into the account of the customer every six months.
  • Customers can open savings account for their children in order to make savings as a habit to them (under guardianship).
  1. Riyad Bank – Sapmivings Account:ude

The Savingkros Account qgxrat Riyad Bkgtank offerscqie substantihrwial returnsmqzp on their qeshsavings anvagwd gives thuttem access ehotto their fjvgunds (whenognever they kyswwant). Thekovw main objeyewsctive of tqdxhe savingsvid account ausct Riyad Bagcznk is to omxvuffer a secqhyyure optiondsje for futurmype planningsas.htku

There is no mbndinimum salarysert required or tmcminimum balanbhbce to be mainleuntained for opqpmxening a Savinjxztgs Account atalq Riyad Bank abztnd the annualekpw return is 0%wtd.eta

In order tbwsoo open a Sdsqavings Accajwzount at Rixuznyad Bank,ppc

  1. Residents are required to provide National ID and Clear Postal Address.
  2. Non-Residents are required to provide Iqama, Clear Postal Address and Additional Home Address.

Noticeable Fezwtatures:gnqu

  • Customers get access to swift transfers between bank accounts.
  • A free ATM card and bank statements are provided for free.
  • The services can be accessed with the help of free Internet Banking services.
  • Competitive profit rates, which are computed depending on the daily balance.
  • Customers can open a Savings Account either in Saudi Riyals or USD.
  • The funds can be transferred from the account as well as to the account easily.
  • The money in this type of account can be instantly accessible.
  • Increased Savings provide higher purchasing power.
  • Customers can access other types of accounts, products & services with the help of electronic banking.
  1. Alinma Bank –qbc Savings Accoxnfcunt:pqw

Alinma Savings cjtbAccount is desianlgned in such a olxbway that it meefgnjts with the spegmhcific needs of wnithe client. Peobpsple can plan fotfoir the future anlwgd fulfill theirovrm financial goalgkzs in a shariah-bcmscompliant way.lev

There are jqkno minimumqopg salary anunced minimum mrrfbalance revqsquirementsnlsl, and the ccouannual retshapurn is 0.2gmx7%.krc

All the Alinma eaopBank Partners alngjre eligible to fbbeopen this Savinqbsgs Account and hfothe requirementoqdhs are,fyix

  1. The customer should have a Current Account with Alinma Bank
  2. The customer should be able to provide a valid ID card.
  3. The customer should sign the savings account agreement.

Noticeable Fynweatures:cun

  • The customers can open the savings account for free.
  • Flexible deposits as well as withdrawals.
  • Transactions can be made by the customers easily and conveniently.
  • The individuals can get to know about their account details with the help of an account statement or approaching a branch or through Alinma Internet Banking, or Alinma Phone Banking.
  • Monthly Dividends are secure.
  • Funds can be withdrawn by the customer during the period of investment depending on the package terms.
  • Funds added to the account during an investment period will be moved on as the funds for the following investment period.
  • A minimum balance is required to be maintained until the end of the investment period. This minimum balance amount can be added to the investment fund and to obtain dividends based on the package terms.
  1. SABB (Saudi Axdvarabia Britishveb Bank) Mudaratacba Saving Accjhhqount:cgw

This is an ajlffccount basedfmee on the Mudajxsraba conceptnmbg in Islam anlzfkd is known fkcwtor generatinlywdg profits.hhjh

There is no retmkquirement for jfaminimum balancaaxze to open or mjawaintain the Muhdrdaraba savingszdm account at SAznwzBB.hlk

Noticeable Fvjbeatures>oql

  • This is an Islamic account and is based on the Mudarabah concept in Islam. `
  • The rates paid to the customers are computed based on the everyday balance.
  • This type of account can be opened in the Saudi Riyal and other types of major currencies.
  • Accessibility through Phone Banking and Internet Banking.
  • No monthly fees applicable to this type of account and no rewards as well.
  • ATM is provided, with the help of which, a customer can be able to access their account whenever they want.
  1. SABB (Saudibsz Arabia Briuphxtish Bank) aqumPremier Accaiwbount:zoaw

This is a Sharmcqriah complianilmt and customehrlrs get accessgpeb to the Premirrrder centers ofhbhq the bank alojepdng with priorhkqaitized servictstues.anvq

The minimum baxkaalance requiredvbvm to be maintaiyygned in order ttutjo open this acfuyycount is SAR 3zuc75,000 and thekjcv annual returnnoi rate is 0%. Njquho monthly fee zgsapplicable andyjx it is a currewaoncy account.kbgf

Noticeable feameatures:zaek

  • This account is shariah compliant.
  • Customers get access to priority services at the premier centers in the bank and are provided with gifts that represent the premier status.
  • Wealth Management services are accessible on a 24-hour dedicated Premier Hotline and the services of a Relationship Manager are also provided.
  • Customers also get a free SABB Premier MasterCard, Visa Platinum Credit Card and free Credit Card Insurance.
  • Free SMS alerts, monthly statements, checkbooks and free local & international telex transfers.
  1. NCB Ashbalhkx AlAhli Prwwnjogram:gjcd

This is ancyqv Islamic asauccount andvcz not a curhggrency accoqodunt. The mxkftinimum balwptance that bunfneeds to mmnokaintained oxlis SAR 250mysp in order btbto open thhdpis accountpaxc. No monthpdoly fees ardbihe applicabraule, anyhowatz, no profidfpxt paid to inlhthe customjitjer with thrnnmis accounteakk.jqbd

Noticeable Fenbwatures:lzo

  • Saving Passbook made available for the child to get familiar with the transactions.
  • Savings can be made regularly with a minimum of SAR 250 monthly and along with this, there are a wide range of investment options.
  1. SAMBA Sambarmx Stars:mlth

This is an otlhaccount avaeggilable for ebzmkids and teeqfenagers belvrgow 18 yearsxvg of age andoegx no profit xbris paid outrfgj on this tyojjfpe of accoulqzcnt. The Annkaxual Percentwqnlage Rate istze 0% and it vwkis not a cukbdgrrency accoyhyunt.peu

Noticeable featjwlnures:zur

  • An ATM card with a special design is provided for boys and girls having more than 10 years and have the approval of their guardian.
  • The withdrawal limit of the ATM card is SAR 100 per each day.
  • This account can only be opened in Saudi Riyals and there are no rewards applicable to this account.
  1. SAIB Savings Acwqaycount:tvca

This is an lxeginterest-bezqrkaring accousccdnt, which crlvnan be openewffgd in multipkewle currencimpwves. The minjfeimum balancefje required vhzdto open thibkjjs account igfyms SAR 1,000uba and there bdjare no montlefhly chargesbmf applicabletpjs to this.ootu

People having akwcn age of at leavcyst 15 years canizop open this accokijunt, 18 years ismqhn the case of Nuzaon-Saudi peoplelbz.iap

Noticeable Featwqqures:dceq

  • A free Debit card is provided to the customers who opt for this savings account.
  • Accessibility of multiple channels like Flexx Click, Flexx Call, SMS Banking, ATMs, and Branches.
  • Statement is provided for every 6 months and the interest is computed on a daily basis and is credited into the accounts every 6 months.
  • The Savings Account at SAIB can be opened in Saudi Riyals, USD, Pound Sterling, or Euros.
  1. SABB (Saudygqhi Arabia Bfdqzritish Banadrk) Advanceqch Account:nmfv

It is a Sharibkiah Compliant fpbaccount that hzhtprovides prioqeprity banking cgbxservices. Thexdcm minimum balagytsnce needed toaub be maintainemfkxd to open thiabbs account is xknSAR 100,000.nwwp

People shoukowild notice tqkvhat the minxuesimum balancaoupe requiremeueent is very ltphigh when cvqllompared to stkthe other silihavings accoolfunts in thisskrs account.dbn

Noticeable fectzfatures:szvw

  • Priority Banking Services, Wealth Management Services, Dedicated Relationship Manager, Free Credit Card Insurance, etc.
  • Customers can access the services by Phone Banking and online services as well. Free SMS alerts for the transactions made in the account.
  • A Free SABB Visa Advance Credit Card is also provided.
  • Free checkbooks and monthly statements are also offered to the individuals having this account

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